OptiFine FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which OptiFine edition should I get?

One of the most popular editions is OptiFine Ultra.

  • Due to the most optimizations and features, OptiFine Ultra can boost the FPS.
  • With other mods, OptiFine Standard is more compatible.
  • For underpowered notebooks and laptops, OptiFine Light may be beneficial. But due to the absence of more advanced features, it does not have any compatibility with ModLoader and Forge.

Do I have to configure OptiFine to get better FPS?

Normally OptiFine does not come with multiple optimizations that boost the FPS without the need for any configuration. Further, you can configure the Video Settings to enhance the FPS and discover the trade-off between the performance and quality that operates most suitably for you.

How can I configure OptiFine for the best FPS?

Visit the Video Settings menu and see the tooltip that is given for all the settings. It displays what value you need to set for better FPS and better quality.

Why are some world chunks flickering with OptiFine?

You may possibly be approved the “Chunk Loading: Multi-Core”. But it does not support well by your graphic card driver. To fix this issue, visit the graphics card control panel and of the “Threaded Optimization” or “OpenGL Threading”. To get the best outcomes, make it disabled globally, not only for minecraft.exe or java.exe.

Why am I getting the same or less FPS with OptiFine installed?

OptiFine usually boosts the FPS (commonly 200%), and in the severest case, it has to be identical to vanilla Minecraft. There are several reasons for why in some cases, the FPS with OptiFine may be identical or lesser than vanilla:

  • Maybe you have enabled some high-quality settings which can lower the FPS (for instance, Antialiasing, Render Distance Extreme, Anisotropic Filtering). For resetting the Video Settings to their default values, visit Video Settings>Other>Reset Video Settings.
  • In video settings, you must have approved the FPS limiter.
  • If you are utilizing an HD texture pack, you must know that it arrives mainly with some standard features that aren’t identified by vanilla but run with OptiFine and can reduce the FPS. For instance, Custom Sky, Connected Textures, Custom Animations, Random Mobs, etc. You can switch OFF these via Video Settings if you do not want them.
  • One reason is that your OptiFine may not be installed correctly. Make yourself sure to install the OptiFine lastly. So, that other mods do not overwrite the OptiFine classes. Except for those mods that are specifically created to get installed after OptiFine.
  • There may be a conflict in the mod, and a lot of errors may be reported by Minecraft in the error log. Review the Minecraft error log to detect if this is the problem or not (Magic Launcher can display the error log).

Make sure you are using the same test conditions to test properly: same render distance, same texture pack, same world, etc.

Gameplay with OptiFine can feel effortless and more fluid, even though the average FPS recorded in the debug screen is about the equivalent of vanilla. Many OptiFine choices (Smooth FPS, Chunk Loading, Smooth World, etc.) can further decrease the delay heads and stabilize the framerate.

Can I include OptiFine in my Modpack?

Usually, no except you have specific approval from us.

Donator Cape

How can I change the design of my cape?

You can sign in to the cape change page and choose the latest design. The cape change page has a halt of 2 minutes, and at this time, the cape needs to be changed.

How long does it take for the cape to get activated?

Cape has activated automatically when the contribution payment is finished. You must note down that few payment modes may take some days to achieve. An information email is sent to the contribution email id when the cape is successfully activated.

How can I check if the cape is active?

You can log in to the cape change page. If the cape is not active, it will display the latest cape design or notify. The cape change page can instinctively correct the upper or lowercase mistakes in username.

I donated, but I did not receive a confirmation email and I do not see the cape. What can I do?

Most likely, your contribution was grant entrance without a username. You can sign in to the subscriber login page and specify a username for a cape.

I got the confirmation email, but I do not see the cape on my player, what can I do?

Please verify that:

  • Username is spelled correctly in upper or lowercase substance.
  • OptiFine is installed correctly (Installation guidelines).
  • The choice Video Settings>Details>Show Capes is ON.
  • The options Skin Customization>Cape is ON.
  • No router or firewall is obstructing OptiFine from entering the OptiFine servers where the cape is situated.
  • The cape appears in the single-player universe. Few servers may change the player’s name by affixing or truncating the tag, which switches the player’s identity, and the cape may not be displayed.

I gave the wrong username when donating, what can I do?

If the username is in uppercase or lowercase is not accurate, sign-in to the cape change page, and capitalization should be corrected automatically.

Yet, the username is not correct, and you can sign in on the customer login page, where you can specify a unique username.

How can I temporarily deactivate my cape?

You can easily reactivate and deactivate the cape on the cape modification page.

How can I move my cape to another account?

You can change cape to other usernames on the cape alteration page. It can only change with the new account, and later the cape has been switched to a new username.

If you cape to the incorrect username, you can retrieve it on the subscriber login page.

My cape was active, but it is now missing. How can I recover it?

You can retrieve the cape on the subscriber sign-in page, where you can specify a Cape’s unique username. The cape is probably transferred by someone who understands your Minecraft username or email id and password. To avoid the cape being moved again, you should switch your Minecraft password.

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