How to Use Optifine?

You should discern some notable variations when you start Minecraft, and your world loads, like the way how everything looks. Inside the Options menu, visit the “Settings” then choose “Video Settings.” Here, you will notice numerous choices that aren’t present there earlier. Hold on and become familiar with all the new settings, and then play throughout with them. It will give you the most excellent experience of the mod. To pop up the watchful display of the version on your screen and check which Optifine version you’re using, you can press F3 on your keyboard at any time.

If Optifine is not available in your profile menu, then it may be the possibility that you have installed it in the wrong directory. The one more chance is your runtime setting isn’t updated accurately.

OptiFine adds many unique possibilities and settings to the game. Therefore, it can be complex to dive right in. Here are some of the basic ways to use the OptiFine easily.


Increasing Frames Per Second

The primary and first option is the Frames per second that boost up the speed of the game. If you are using something else rather than the gaming laptop or PC, then your device screen’ FPS needs to be high for the smooth working of the game.

What does FPS mean?

FPS holds for Frames per second which is the frequency through which the game frames move. The higher the FPS, the smoother the game would be.

Use of Optifine For Better Animation Quality

For more high-grade effects all at once, you have to visit the “Animation Settings”, and need to change all the animations settings from on to off. It is advised you work each setting one by one instead of a single go. This helps you to see which option suits your game on your PC the best.

Use the Optifine to Monitor the FPS speed

Shortcut Keys like F3 can be used on Windows PC, whereas fn +F3 for the Macbook to control the FPS speed and other measured while playing.

Add shader packs

Shader Pack adjusts the way lighting operates in your Minecraft globe. It may not seem like enough, although once you begin utilizing these shaders, you will suddenly view how much of a difference they can perform.

After a shader pack is successfully downloaded, you have to open Minecraft and choose Options, Video Settings, Shaders. At the end of the Shaders menu, snap the Shaders Folder option.

It will open a new folder on your device. Transfer the package you downloaded to this folder, then restart the Minecraft in your device.

When it restarts, you will view the latest shaders set in the Shaders menu.

Optifine zoom

Among others, it’s one of random computing, and having OptiFine installed gives you the ability to focus your camera while playing. It is best to notice everything that is far away from you and without endangering your life and wing too close.

The by default key for zooming will be either C or the left Ctrl key.

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