Best Optifine Settings For FPS Boost

After you’ve installed Optifine, go to the drop-down menu and pick Optifine. After you’ve successfully launched the game, go to “Options” and then “Video Settings” to find the most suitable Optifine settings for FPS.

A new window will appear on the screen of your device after that. Before we tell you about the optimal Optifine Settings, keep in mind that this option is just for devices with higher FPS on certain settings, therefore it could not work for you.

The following is a step-by-step guide on using the best Optifine Settings for FPS Boost in Minecraft:

1. Graphics:

In terms of graphics, you’ve given us three options: Fast, Fancy, and Fabulous.

  • Fast: This is one of the best frame rate options.
  • Fancy: This is the ideal option for individuals who wish to play in high quality.
  • Fabulous: This is a little better choice than Fancy.

We recommend that you utilize Fast and Fancy in addition to Fabulous.

2. Smooth lighting:

The Smooth Lighting option aids in the incorporation of lighting into the game. This is the preferred option because it has a direct impact on your FPS if you don’t use it. Off, Minimum, and Maximum are the three options available here.

  • Off: This option accelerates the game more than ever before.
  • Minimum: It considers both the number of frames per second and the quality of the game.
  • Maximum: The game will be slowed down as a result.

3. Lighting that is dynamic:

If your Dynamic Lighting is turned off, nothing on your screen will be visible.

Setting Dynamic Lighting to rapid mode, on the other hand, allows you to light the world with the touch of your hand.

In dynamic lighting, you can choose from three options: Off, Fact, or Fancy.

  • OFF: There will be no dynamic lighting.
  • Fast: Dynamic lighting for 500ms.
  • Fancy: Real-time dynamic lighting with a delay of 0ms’s.

If you want the optimal Optifine settings, we strongly urge you to select either Fast or OFF.

4. Shaders:

Make sure the shaders option is turned off if you truly want to get any FPS. If you have this switched on, you will most likely have crashing and other issues.


When you click the Details tab, you’ll be taken to a new page. There are numerous options to choose from, but rather than going over them all, let’s focus on the best FPS settings right now.

  • Cloud: OFF
  • Trees: Fast
  • Sky: OFF
  • Sun & Moon: OFF
  • Fog: Off
  • Translucent Block: Fast
  • Dropped Items: Fast
  • Vignette: Fast
  • Entity Distance: 100
  • Cloud Height: OFF
  • Rain & Snow: OFF
  • Stars: OFF
  • Show Capes: OFF
  • Fog Start: O.8
  • Held Item Tooltip: ON
  • Swamp Colors: OFF
  • Alternate Block: OFF
  • Biome Blend: Off

5. Animations:

After you’ve made the necessary adjustments, click the ‘Done’ tab and go on to the animations option. If you turn off all of the options in the Animations tab, the game will now appear to be ugly. Turn off all options to give the best FPS, however you have the option of receiving low FPS or playing unattractive games.

The only thing I would recommend doing with this option is snapping the minimum for particles.

6. Quality:

When you select the Quality option, a new window will appear on your computer with numerous options. Let’s get to the optimal FPS settings right away.

  • Mipmap Levels: OFF
  • Anisotropic Filtering: OFF
  • Emissive Textures: OFF
  • Better Grass: OFF
  • Custom Fonts: OFF
  • Connected Textures: Fast
  • Custom Sky: OFF
  • Custom Entity Models: OFF
  • Random Entities: OFF
  • Better Snow: OFF
  • Custom Colors: OFF
  • Natural Textures: OFF
  • Custom Items: OFF
  • Custom GUIs: OFF

7. Performance:

A new window will appear on your device’s monitor when you select the performance button. When you get there, make the following settings for a superb FPS.

  • Render Regions: ON
  • Smart Animations: ON
  • Smooth FPS: ON
  • Chunk Updates: 1
  • Laxy Chunk Loading: ON
  • Fast Render: ON
  • Fast Math: ON
  • Smooth World: ON
  • Dynamic Updates: ON

8. Others:

When you switch to another tab, the first thing you should do is enable autosave, which saves your game every X amount of time that you specify in the options, protecting you from harm caused by crashing issues. Make sure the Autosave button is set to a lesser length, such as 10 or 12 minutes.

Aside from the Autosave option, there are several settings you’ll need to do manually.

  • Lagmeter: OFF
  • Show FPS: OFF
  • Weather: ON
  • Fullscreen: OFF
  • Screenshot Size: Default
  • Debug Profiler: OFF
  • Advanced Tooltips: OFF
  • Time: Default
  • Show GL Errors: ON

Fullscreen Model Current.

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